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Quality service & nurses

The quality and safety of the homecare and private nursing services we provide at Ambition 24Direct are paramount. Quality and safety are the top priority in all that we do.

Ambition 24Direct operates a process of continuous review and development in every aspect of the service we deliver. We manage internal teams that are trained and dedicated to carry out medical staff compliance, to check references and qualifications. Our client consultants are similarly experienced in liaising helpfully and professionally with each client, the patients and their families. All medical assessments of patients, at the start of every programme, are by experienced, qualified nurses.

The process of service delivery is overseen by our own independent audit team, which reports directly to our Board Directors and also account to the professional and Government-appointed organisations that oversee the homecare and medical staffing sector.

So, we have highly skilled and trained people who specialise in each and every aspect of the service that you receive. This means that when one of our agency nurses or care givers arrives at your home, you can be confident that we’ve taken every step to ensure the quality and safety of the care programme.