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…the nurses provided are always excellent.
- DR
Very efficient and professional consultants, excellent service, prompt, and staff used have been great.
- DG
I am really pleased, (Ambition 24Direct) have been fantastic. So polite and helpful... hardworking, caring, helpful and professional.
- AB
Our Objectives

Our Homecare objectives are as follows:

  • Understand each patient’s homecare needs: To assess fully the medical staffing, care and personal needs of the patients for whom we provide nursing and care giver staff. This includes consulting, where appropriate, with the GP or other medical professionals – and also understanding the concerns and preferences of families and others involved in their care

  • Meet all care needs: To match the specific needs of homecare patients with the qualifications, skills and experience of the medical and care staff that we supply

  • Highest standards of care: To provide the highest standards of medical treatment, care and support in the home for each patient, with safety and security paramount.

  • Progressive, supportive care: To support the successful treatment, rehabilitation and independence of each patient, wherever possible, and appropriate palliative care,as relevant to the patient’s medical circumstances

  • Compliance standards: To ensure the highest standards of compliance for all the medical staff we supply, with full credential checks, face-to-face interviews, and performance monitoring

  • Dignity and human rights: To respect the rights of each patient to care that is professional and compassionate, and supports their dignity, emotional and physical welfare and right to confidentiality

  • Service ethic: To provide a helpful, friendly, professional service by our consultants, with 24-7 availability by telephone for homecare nurses & private nursing at home.