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Nursing Care

When a patient requires the care and attention of a qualified nurse, Ambition 24Direct can help. We provide experienced nurses nationwide, and oversees too, with expertise in the full range of nursing specialisations.

Nursing care can be provided just when you need it, whether for a few days or an extended period of support, overnight and 24-hours a day if required. We can arrange for nursing support to be in place immediately upon discharge from hospital, in liaison with the hospital consultant or other healthcare professionals, so that the necessary care is available when arriving home.

We carry out a detailed assessment to understand the care needs of each patient, in consultation with all relevant healthcare and service providers, as well as family members too. From the assessment process we produce a Care Plan, which specifies the details and range of nursing support required for the agreement of the patient.

Ambition 24 Direct can provide nursing care under direction of Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), as required. All nursing staff are interviewed and assessed by Ambition 24Direct, to meet relevant healthcare standards.