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Care Assessment

Ambition 24Direct first assesses the needs of each patient who chooses homecare and is interested in our service. The assessment process has been carefully developed to ensure that we understand and can then evaluate the medical and other personal needs and preferences of the patient.

At the centre of the assessment is the ‘Care Plan’. This is a written document that is prepared following a face-to-face interview with one of our qualified nurses. The nurse is experienced in assessing a patient’s needs, professionally and sympathetically. The Care Plan states the requirements of the patient and how it is proposed that they are to be met.

Usually it is the patient requiring treatment who is interviewed for the Care Plan, but if this is not possible due to age or infirmity, we can interview the nominated carer or family member. We may also ask for information from the GP, hospital consultant or other healthcare professionals involved. This is to assist our understanding of the patient’s needs.

The Care Plan will be supplied on paper to keep and refer to. All the information is private, seen only by you and the people who give you care and support. If you want someone else to be allowed to see the care plan, we can arrange this.

The plan is reviewed at set times. If you feel the care plan isn't working or your needs change, then you can ask for the plan to be reassessed. Our priority is always to ensure that care is appropriate, and delivered to the highest standards. You have the right to cancel the programme of care at any time without further charge, by providing at least 24 hours notice.