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Mental Health

Specialist nurses and support workers from Ambition 24 Direct are trained and experienced in dealing with a range of mental health issues for people of all age groups and backgrounds.

Care and medication plans are developed and maintained in coordination with medical practitioners, social services, Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) and other relevant organisations. The goal is to ensure each person’s individual medical and rehabilitation needs are fully met.

The focus of our mental health care services is on rehabilitation and empowerment. We work with each individual to develop the skills and confidence needed to return to independent living, wherever possible.

Ambition 24Direct can meet a wide range of needs, including care for those with dementia or specific mental health problems; and those suffering from a brain injury or illnesses that affect mental performance and ability. The agency ensures that all care that is provided is thoughtful, non-judgmental and respectful at all times. Overnight help is available, as well support from qualified RMN and RNMH nursing personnel.